Home Delivery

Order our hard cider, (6.9% ABV), for free delivery to your address.

Purchaser must be 21 or older and show a valid ID upon delivery.

Internet and phone orders are acceptable. You may send an internet form inquiry (see below) or an email inquiries to tartdelivery@tarthardcider.com with your name and phone #. Phone orders may be placed at 360 789 6592.

Delivery is limited to case order(s) only. Delivery is free in Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater.

Hours of deliver are from 12-8 Thursday thru Saturday.

Raspberry, Mango, Granny’s Grudge, Passion Fruit, and Peachy Keen are the styles that are available in 16 oz cans or in 22 oz bottles. Ging-A-Berry is included only in the 22 oz bottles.

Cases can be mixed so that customers can choose a case made up of half Raspberry and Mango or any combination that completes the case. Try them all! Mixed cases are assembled in styles made up of 4 packs.

Minimum order size is one case of 24×16 oz cans for $65 or a case of 12×22 oz bottles for $50.

Delivery Information: After completing the delivery section, you will be connected to complete the selection/order section.

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    In these times of corona virus we must ask that customers consider our delivery drivers health and apply the following procedures.
    When a driver comes to your door they will place the cider on the ground and step back. Please place your ID on the cider and step away so that the driver can confirm your age. Once you have been approved to receive the cider, the delivery driver will return your ID to you by placing this on the cider and stepping away. If you are paying cash, the same steps apply where you should place cash on the cider and back away so that there is a six foot separation between you and the driver.
    Thank you for your help in keeping us all healthy so that we can continue to deliver and enjoy wonderful cider.

    Payment Information: After filling out the Delivery information, we will arrange for you to make payment and schedule delivery. Major credit cards will be accepted. Thank you for your order.

    FREE DELIVERY-Olympia Lacey Tumwater